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Peregrine Falcon

Framed wood burning of a peregrine falcon resting on a tree stump. The wood burned peregrine falcon was burnt on birch plywood. Three pens were used to create this piece, a spoon shader, a curved blade tip and a medium squared shader. 

My favorite part to work on is the feathering, which also take the longest to do, but when it is finished it makes the piece. Each little stroke combines to create such beauty, it is so awesome. 

The piece is protected with an UV polyurethane sealer, but sun exposure should be avoided to protect the work from fading. Framed the piece measures 12 inches by 20 inches.

Please view the pictures provided to assist you in making your purchasing decision.

Questions are welcome. 

$175.00 USD
Monarch Butterfly on Clover - Original Photo taken in my yard.  Photoshop used to create pyrography blueprint.
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Black Bear

This rustic Black Bear silhouette will compliment any Adirondack style home, camp or cabin. Burnt onto Birch ply board. 

 I made a custom frame and added a polyurethane finish with a UV protectant, still it should not be hung in direct sunlight to protect the art work from fading. Framed this Bear is about eight and a half inches by nine and a half inches.

$30.00 USD
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Panda Bamboo Tray

This serving tray has been adorned with this adorable panda. You can eat together or decorate with it.  Tray measures approximately 13" x 20".

Sealed with UV protectant to guard against fading.

$45.00 USD
Bird House Trio

Adorning this whimsical birdhouse are three feeder favorites: the nuthatch, a grosbeak and a chickadee.  It measures approximately 16" x 27" framed.

Sealed with UV protectant to guard against fading.

This pattern was a free in an issue of Pyrography Magazine, vol. 1.  It was created by Lora S. Irish

$190.00 USD